It makes you to enjoy the fast flying.


U-Waving Water Slide is for outdoor water park that riders slide into the wide waving slide wall from the 12-meter-high platform , and dive to the bottom immediately, without any stop or rest. The riders will dash to another slope peak by its giant inertia. With the up and down, back and forth movements, it will drives the worry and pressure away, and makes you to enjoy the fast flying.

Exclusive technology

 Imported materials: Make from DSM resin and condensate paint. It can maintain good strength and  toughness at high temperature.

 Safety: Fiberglass reinforced material of anti-static elctricity is used.

 Unique design: Fashionable and durable.

 Mould technology: Producing molds in Five axis CNC Machining Technology mould makes the slides junctions  more smoother.

Product NumberDX/LB/W8800Water Supply200 m3/h
Platform Height12.0 metersPower18.5KW
Width8.8 metersCovers an Area280 m2
Length32.0 meters


Slide technical parameters download
Slide color scheme download

Installation case

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