If your water park is big enough, then to have Large Interactive Water Playground A inside is absolutely a good choice! LIWPA was designed for both kids and adults so that kids could enjoy the time with parents.LIWPA is Ocean theme with sharp,seahorse and other fishes which will help the kids to know about the Ocean well.

Large Interactive Water Playground  A

As a large play structure,Large Interactive Water Playground A(LIWPA) has six water slides: three different pathway open spiral slides started from different height platform, each slide can bring you different experience. Especially the yellow open spiral slide which was run through the pool definitely need to try! One long tube slide, stimulation index increase suddenly when sliding in the dark.Two kids slides and two rope ladders which can meet the request for the toddler.

LIWPA was designed for both kids and adults so that all family members could have fun together. So this summer don't miss it!



Exclusive technology

 Imported materials: Make from DSM resin and condensate paint. It can maintain good strength and  toughness at high temperature.

 Safety: Fiberglass reinforced material of anti-static elctricity is used.

 Unique design: Fashionable and durable.

 Mould technology: Producing molds in Five axis CNC Machining Technology mould makes the slides junctions  more smoother.

Product numberDX/SW/A01Product Name Large Interactive Water Playground  A
Height15.0 metersLength46.0 meters
Width43.0 metersPower90KW
Water supply960 m3/hFloor Space2000 m2
Visitor load capacity1200 people / hour


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Installation case

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