Large Interactive Water Playground C(LIWPC) will bring you to a world that full of Maya civilization elements. Two tube spiral slides and one open spiral slide for adults; Two double lanes slides and one tube spiral slide for kids; A waterfall will come out from one huge bucket and one medium bucket every 15 minutes to take away the hot wave. For sure everyone could have fun in LIWPC.


In a size of 900 square meter field, Large Interactive Water Playground  C(LIWPC) includes three tube spiral slides start from different platform height, one open spiral slide and four kid's slides. The door frame, the roof and the bucket are full of Maya element which will bring you to a whole new world. Ancient civilization and modern colorful water slide were successful combined! The Maya element decoration draw so much attention from both kids and adults that made this product were so much popular all over the world, especial in China. Now bring your swimwear, better to feel it in water park more than just watch it by pictures!



大A 2 人物戏水.jpg



Exclusive technology

 Imported materials: Make from DSM resin and condensate paint. It can maintain good strength and  toughness at high temperature.

 Safety: Fiberglass reinforced material of anti-static elctricity is used.

 Unique design: Fashionable and durable.

 3D technology: Producing molds in Five axis CNC Machining Technology mould makes the slides junctions  more smoother.

Product numberDX/SW/A01Product Name Large Interactive Water Playground  C
Height12.0 metersLength35.0 meters
Width29.0 metersPower45KW
Water supply600 m3/hFloor Space1000 m2
Visitor load capacity180 people / hour

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Installation case

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