How to Open a Water Park 

1. Work with a business consultant to determine if a water park in your area is a feasible investment. The consultant can weigh the initial costs and potential return in the first few years. Paying for a feasibility study.

2. Pick a large area to house your water park. Keep in mind that the attractions at a water park are large. Buy or rent the land that is big enough.

3. Get the layout(AUTO CAD) of the land with elevation, condition around the land(main road position, if there is a lake or sea next to the land etc)

4. Find the water park equipment supplier and tell them your budget, what kind of water park you want or what rides you want.

5. With the material above supplier will offer you the master plan of the water park under 5000 sqm is free. ( Design for landscape is charged item).

6. Once the master plan has been confirmed by buyer, supplier will offer the quotation.

7. Once quotation , payment term and details have been confirmed, invoice will be signed by both buyer and supplier.

8. Seller will start producing once 30% down payment has been received from buyer.

9. The rest will do as the invoice.

10. Installation should be discussed at phase 7.



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